Odin is an online training and business support platform that includes multiple service
offerings to create Disability Inclusive and Confident Organisational Cultures.

Why Odin?

Persons with a disability continue to be excluded from South Africa’s workforce.

Transforming attitudes and stereotypes about the value of disability as a form of diversity requires consistent and continuous messaging. But this is expensive, time intensive, and difficult to coordinate when applied to organisations that have wide geographic reach.

Lack of knowledge and understanding around disability as a form of diversity results in fewer placements, reduced development and lower retention rates.

Lack of awareness around barriers that exist within current infrastructures, facilities and work environments, means PWD (Persons with Disabilities) continue to be denied access to potential employment opportunities.

Lack of awareness around barriers within organisational policies, coupled with the inflexibility of these policies, often leads to PWD being inadvertently excluded from potential employment opportunities.

Lack of access to, or awareness of, assistive technologies and practical support structures for PWD, results in a lack of self-empowerment and career growth for many PWD.

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Solution delivery methods:

E-Learning Disability Awareness and Sensitisation Videos

Series of e-learning videos which can be accessed at any time for relevant reference.

Personalised Coaching and Support

Access to personalised support from our team of Disability inclusion and empowerment specialists.

Informative Wiki

Access to informative Wiki knowledge base and Comprehensive list of frequently asked questions around disability as a form of diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Access to FAQs around disability – answered by our team of disability inclusion specialists.

Strategy and Policy Review

Access to Strategy and Policy re-alignment towards creating a disability inclusive culture.

Environmental Accessibility Awareness

Shared access to identifying, minimizing, and mitigating environmental barriers within the organization that prevent disability inclusive access to employment and services.

Designed Templates

Access to designed templates which can be used for Internal disability awareness communication campaigns.

Company Dashboard

Shared company dashboard with company specific disability information on inclusion measures.

About Odin

Odin is powered by Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting who are the recognised leaders in disability inclusion and focus on sourcing, identifying, developing and retaining diverse talent within your organization. Through their range of disability awareness campaigns, stereotype busting training, strategic consulting, and on the ground support services, they leverage the strength of their extensive network, and experience in disability inclusivity, to create enabling, empowering, and flexible business environments.

Their significant contribution to internationally recognized best practice principles of disability inclusion is making a positive impact in South African organizations, with a large focus being placed on transformation and scorecard objectives in relation to disability inclusion. In order to embrace and sustain these inclusivity objectives, organisations need to become more attuned to disability and recognise the value this form of diversity can add to their businesses and service offerings. ODIN is one channel through which Bradshaw LeRoux helps businesses and people create productive, enabling and inclusive futures.

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Products and Services

Top Candidates

Showcase monthly top job seekers with a disability in order to create a talent pipeline.

PR Content

Promote your business as disability confident by communicating the right message in your external communications. Gain access to communications templates and personalised support that ensures your messaging is phrased inclusively.

Online Q&A Session
(Every 6 Months)

Web-based interactive information sharing sessions around Disability Inclusion with subscribers at a pre-planned date and time.

Free Disability Readiness Audit

Online questionnaire to determine the company's level of 'disability readiness' and propose recommended interventions to promote inclusivity.

Additional Services


Our Recruitment Team are specialists in Sourcing for General and Specialist Roles at all levels of the organisation, and across a broad range of industries. Specialists in Sourcing and Placing Persons with a disability, we have an extensive database of applicants for both permanent roles, Learnerships, Internships and Graduate Programmes.



Our Assessment Division offers a selection of competency based, behavioral, cognitive and ability based culturally sensitive assessment tools. We provide guidance on assessment strategies suited to supporting smart selection and development decisions for all your talent (including Learners, Employees and Executives with a disability)


Learnership Solutions

We have partnered with select Learnership Service Providers to provide a full Learnership Solution. Our Supported Learnership Model ensures an inclusive and empowering journey for Learners with a Disability by creating accessible environments, empowered and informed stakeholders, and practical support and coaching services.

Learnership Solutions

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